Clear puts People and Planet before Profits


When Clear Café opened its doors 9 years ago founder Brett Black had no idea of the success he was about to experience. Fast track to today and Clear Café despite setbacks and challenges has become one of the most successful restaurants on the tourist Island Paradise of Bali Indonesia.

Brett wanted to reward his customers with a stunning experience and combine it together with high quality, tasty and super healthy foods at prices the average traveler to Bali could easily afford. This approach seems to have worked because today Clear has blossomed into an international brand franchise with hundreds of thousands of customers from around the globe and plans to establish new locations in major cities on 4 continents. With endorsements and reviews from some of the most well-known celebrities and authorities in their field like musician, singer, songwriter, Michael Franti, David Wolfe author of Eating for Beauty and Super Foods Naked Chocolate and Linda Garland Top 100 Influential Designers Architectural Digest, Clear has succeeded in putting together an excellent start to a bright future ahead.

Brett goes on to say that, “Clear’s Ethos is, What’s Good for People is Good for Business.” and having experienced firsthand the power of that statement Clear has now expanded their brand to include Hospitality and Eco Resorts development. “What I see is an opportunity to change the world by putting people and planet first” and in so doing lead the way forward to a more people-centered business paradigm”, Brett Black. Clear believes that the way the hospitality industry has profited from the people can be improved upon in similar fashion to what was done with Clear Café in the restaurant industry. Clear is building quality accommodations and a Five Star experience at 3-star prices to capture market share and establish its brand in the mind of consumers much like it has done and continues to do in the restaurant industry.

Clear also recognizes that as it continues to expand that the traditional sources of capital required to take the business forward may not the best model for its innovative business approach and its response was to develop its customers into closely aligned brand advocates by offering them an opportunity to also profit from Clear’s success through facilitating their direct investment into its operations. Brett says, “It’s our version of a Loyalty Program. Rather than simply giving token points we share back real earnings and passive income in the form of dividends”.

Recently Clear World Resorts launched The Oasis Eco Resort which will provide limited partners the
opportunity to own a piece of the resort property by investing in land plots that they will be allowed to build a guest accommodation on which will provide a passive income stream based on a percentage of the daily accommodations. The benefits are many for their investors, customers, and the business as well.

The Oasis will offer a wide choice of healthy all natural activities which will include scuba diving,
sailing, horseback riding, jungle trekking, kiteboarding, surfing and an Organic Farm as well as a White Sand Beach Yoga Retreat. Also included will be a fully equipped spa and Ayurvedic Healing Center all designed to bring a diverse clientele together adding yet again more value to the dynamic with people from around the world with different and exciting backgrounds and experiences to be shared and appreciated by all.

Looking to the future Clear World Resorts and Clear International Hotels will test variations on these new ideas and continue to develop innovative ways to add value and improve on what it believes are the dying paradigms and antiquated values that can be seen today throughout the world of business. With the awakening now taking place and new values that are emerging from within those awakened souls the way forward is Clear. Add value, add meaning and add authenticity and the sky is the limit.

Clear believes that Putting People and Planet before Profits could be the answer to real sustainability to both its business and to our planet as Clear grows and continues to explore the many possibilities. Brett goes on to say, “We are truly excited at the response we have been receiving since opening our latest offer at The Oasis. We expect to be fully subscribed well before our target date of June 15th 2017 and what we are noticing is that the costs associated with our marketing are being reduced while the results we are experiencing are off the charts”.
This is yet another benefit that can be attributed directly to Clear’s philosophy of putting people and planet first. “The way people are motivated and actually take the initiative to share our message and brand clearly testifies to the effectiveness of this strategy”. Brett Black

To learn more about how you can benefit from Clear Choice Investment Opportunities and The Oasis click here.

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